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 believe and trust in them

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PostSubject: believe and trust in them    Sat Jun 21, 2014 8:19 pm

What are your thoughts on people claiming to be able to contact the dead and get messages and relay them back to us ?

Do you believe and trust in them or not ?


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PostSubject: Re: believe and trust in them    Mon Jun 13, 2016 8:52 pm

I think there are good ones and there are fakes. I've never gone to see one ever, but one of my sisters has, but only ones recommended to her. I only remember one time going to see a fortune teller, she was quite a sought after lady that you had to phone and book weeks ahead. I went with some workmates, there were 6 of us and the one that booked only told her we were a party of 6, she new nothing about who we were. Anyway we all arrived and had to decide who went in what turn, it was up to us, I don't think there was anything special about my reading other than she told me I would get married within 2 years and I would be very happy and have a long marriage but would have no children. She was right, my husband and I got married just over a year later, we have no children and have celebrated our 48th Anniversary in March of this year. Anyway one of our party was told she couldn't read her fortune because the spirits didn't come to her to do so and she refunded her money to her. When all of us had been taken, she made tea for all of us, and she asked two of the girls to bring the biscuits she forgot and had left on the Kitchen table, one of the girls was the one who didn't get a reading. it was a big house and the kitchen was in the basement, she told the rest of us to be there for our friend, who was engaged to marry soon, she said she saw her boyfriend hanging from rafters in a barn, he would commit suicide. How true that was, only two weeks later he hung himself, in a big empty barn on a farm close to where he lived. Our friend did indeed need us and we were there for her. We never found out why he did this to himself. So yes I would say this Fortune Teller was the real deal. Her name if I remember right was Darlinda.
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believe and trust in them
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