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 Serial killers

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PostSubject: Serial killers   Sun May 27, 2012 9:32 pm

I have had a particular interest in serial killers for many yrs, funny to think even just ten yrs ago i wouldnt tell anyone incase they thought i was sick in the head or deranged or something.

What is the attraction you may ask ?
Well for me its the way their mind works, how does a seemingly normal person cross that line from normality into a repeat offender of some hainess crime.

I love it when my mind goes into investigative mode, scanning the crime scene pics looking at every inch of the victim and scene, trying to look through the eyes and mind of the killer to only imagine what their thoughts and motive may be.

I embrace some of the Drs and scientists ideas as to how they arrived at that moment in time, as nine times out of ten there is something that has built up over time that triggers these crimes into actions.

That said, i dont believe everyone that cries disminished responsibillity due to insanty and the like as there are some very clever, schooled and intelligent people out there that do their home work on the situation before they set out on their journey.

Anyway, im going to stop here as i feel il waffle on all night lol, but if your are interested in serial killers please share your thoughts here.
Feel free to start a new topic for each serial killer you care to discuss x


Hugs from Woo xxx
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PostSubject: Re: Serial killers   Sun Jul 01, 2012 12:07 am

They dont desreve time of day.

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Serial killers
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